My journey to exploring the human mind began after a burn out episode that ended up in a dark depression.

I was living life with very little awareness of my thoughts, feelings and patterns.

Having immigrated from Brazil to the Netherlands, I found myself working too hard to fit in and got stuck in the rat race. Constantly striving to achieve goals that meant little purpose to me. However, I was not aware of this back then.

It was through my own therapeutic process that I started my journey through self-awareness and fell in love with it.

I learned how to connect with myself and realized for the first time that I was more emotionally resourceful than I thought.

After an extensive soul-searching, I realized I wanted to be a helper to those who struggle with emotional issues.

The experience that brought me to this realization might have been bittersweet, but it taught me how to live my life with purpose and self-acceptance.


For this reason, my main motivation as a Life Coach is to help clients unveil and celebrate what is alive in them.

I have graduated from the Academy of Counselling & Coaching and I am a member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. I am also a student of Non-Violent Communication with Yoram Mosenzon.