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Be authentically you 

Is this for you?

You find yourself at a crossroads, personally or professionally, wondering which is the best path to take and how to take it. 

You sense the urge to move forward, but at the same time you feel stuck or at loss, because you are not sure what your next step should be, as if you were disconnected from yourself.

Or maybe you have many ideas about what you should be doing with your life and end up feeling overwhelmed and unfocused. 

You are living on automatic, unaware of what you really want but deep down you long for transformation. 


All in all, you are looking for ways to be authentically you, feel confident about yourself and live a life on purpose, in alignment. 

It can be challenging, and often scary, to take a new direction and make big changes in life.

But allowing yourself to explore other alternatives is the first step to let go of a situation that does not fit you any longer, and to honor that little flame inside of you that is eager to make things differently.


Find Your Purpose program

Live in alignment with who you came here to be.

Be authentically you. 
Live a life on purpose.


Find Your Strengths program

Get the confidence to build a meaningful career. 

Align your work life with your strengths and values.

Transform your career.

About me

My name is Isadora and I am a humanistic coach.

My mission is to help people live a life on purpose with self-confidence to achieve their dreams.


It all started with my own self-discovery and self-awareness process when I realized my true purpose in life: to be a helper.

HR-Fotosessie - Isadora-KarinaFotografie